Repairing or Replacing Existing Equipment

There are lots of benefits to replacing your older HVAC system. Learn how installing a new heating and cooling system can pay you back.
If you're considering replacing your furnace or air conditioner, there are a few factors that can indicate it may be time to invest in a new HVAC system. Ask yourself these questions to help guide your decision. 

Consider This

If your system has been in your home more than 12 years, it's probably far less efficient than a newer system
Musty or dry air is usually a sign of poor system operation
The investment in a new system can be offset significantly by what you save in utility and maintenance costs

Which Refrigerant Does Your AC Need?

Older R-22 refrigerant has been phased out, which means its production has stopped and, as of 2020, it is no longer being imported. If your system uses R-22, you have a few options. The phase-out was timed to give you the opportunity to replace your system at your discretion. If you decide to keep your system for now, the most important thing you can do is have it regularly serviced. When it needs more refrigerant, you may be able to find recovered, recycled or reclaimed R-22, but it might be priced significantly higher than refrigerants used in newer systems. 

When you're ready to replace your R-22 system, there are many high-efficiency air conditioners that use newer, more sustainable refrigerants. You will likely see remarkable savings on your energy bills when you replace your system with a more energy-efficient one, too. 

How Long Has Your System Been in Your Home?

Even if your older HVAC system seems to be operating okay, it may be hiding some deeper costs. Newer systems are designed to be much more efficient than older models, sometimes by as much as 50%. As energy prices rise, lower efficiency systems can raise your utility bills and add additional, hidden costs year after year. 

The higher efficiency of new systems can counter the rising energy costs of older systems, and the money you save on compounded years of energy bills can often  offset the cost of a new system considerably – especially when you take the inefficiency and repair costs related to older systems into account.

Does Your System Have the Features You Need?

To answer this question, ask a few others: Is your current HVAC system providing consistent comfort? Are there temperature inconsistencies around your house? How does the air feel and smell? Is it musty or dry?

While some may consider these traits just part of their home, they could also be a sign the system isn't operating properly or there are issues with ducts or insulation. A system with features you choose can provide precise, consistent temperatures. In addition, if indoor air quality (IAQ) products are integrated, you'll benefit from cleaner air and balanced humidity levels. With a communicating thermostat, you can even control the comfort of your home from wherever you are, even outside your house!

What Are Repairs Really Costing You?

How often are you on the phone with your HVAC contractor? The cost of unexpected repairs – the parts, the visits – adds up fast. In the short term, repairs may appear to be more affordable compared to purchasing a new system. However, depending on the repairs and their frequency, the total costs can often be higher than investing in new equipment. A new HVAC system seems like a large investment, but the money it pays you back in saved repair costs can be worth it. 

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