Mini-Split Systems

Energy Efficiency With Optimal Comfort

Luxaire® mini-split systems are designed to provide exceptional efficiency and optimal comfort precisely where you need it. Download Product Catalog


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Efficient by Design

Ductless mini-split systems don't lose energy in ductwork, and variable-speed compressors produce exceptionally high part-load efficiency.

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Exacting Comfort

Luxaire® mini-split systems use temperature-sensing capabilities and automatic airflow adjustments for precise comfort control.

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Simplified Installation

Our mini-split systems are an effective solution to heating and cooling, without requiring extensive remodeling or construction.

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Indoor units operate at a quiet 22dB(A) and can meet individual temperature set points in multiple zones.

  • High efficiency and ideal for cold climates
  • Up to 5 zones
  • 208/230V

  • Efficient ducted and ductless system options
  • Up to 5 zones
  • 208/230V

  • High-efficiency, ducted and duct-free system options
  • Up to 5 zones
  • 208/230V

  • Rugged, wide range of capacities and indoor unit options
  • Range of indoor unit styles to suit any space
  • 208/230V

  • Efficient heat pump and cooling only options
  • iOS/Android device control option (adapter required)
  • 115V, 208/230V voltage options

  • Ultra high-efficiency, ENERGY STAR® certified efficiency, and features a sleek indoor unit design
  • Standard iOS/Android device control option
  • 208/230V

  • High-efficiency and ENERGY STAR® certified efficiency
  • iOS/Android device control option (adapter required)
  • 115V, 208/230V voltage options


Single-zone Systems
Single-zone systems, featuring an outdoor and indoor unit, provide a compact and effective option at an affordable cost.
Multi-zone Systems
Multi-zone systems offer a wide range of units and system configurations to meet a variety of room-specific needs.
Wired and wireless control options enhance precision, efficiency and comfort.

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