Luxaire® HVAC Pricing Guide

Understanding Your Home Comfort System Investment

Buying a new system can be a considerable investment. When making equipment decisions, unit costs are often top of mind.

There's a lot that can determine how much your system costs, including the state of your current system, your home's age, your local climate and any features you'd like to add. This is why just listing unit and system prices alone doesn't tell the whole story. Once you have chosen a system, your Luxaire® dealer will give you an estimate that also includes installation costs. They may share local programs, rebates and incentives with you that can lower initial costs, as well as financing options available through Luxaire® financing partners. 

Your local Luxaire® Certified Comfort Expert™ Contractor will support you through your entire purchase process and help you decide which system is right for your family, home and budget. While upfront costs are important, your contractor can explain how the efficiency of your equipment can affect your energy bills over the life of the system. And with a Luxaire® Certified Comfort Expert™ Contractor, they'll stick with you through installation and routine maintenance.

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Calculate Your HVAC System Costs

Your local Luxaire® dealer will first help you determine which system is right for your home and lifestyle. Then they'll develop an estimate that includes system and installation costs, which can change based on local dealer programs, rebates and incentives.
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Our Certified Comfort Experts are highly trained in home heating and cooling needs, and can provide you with a personalized solution that's right for your home.

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