CM 600-2,000 CFM Multi Position Indoor Coil

Fully cased multi-position unit with MaxAlloy™ coil technology.

Price Range $$
Efficiency Range Best
Sound Levels Best
Warranties Standard 10-year Parts Limited Warranty
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Quality Starts on the Inside

Luxaire® Cased, Multi-position (CM) Aluminum Indoor Coils have the added flexibility of multi-position installation. These units are fully cased and designed to deliver optimized efficiency when matched with Luxaire® outdoor air conditioners or heat pumps. MaxAlloy™ aluminum indoor coils are specially engineered to handle demanding air conditioner and heat pump duty. Combined with staggered tube rows that ensure proper moisture removal, this smart design provides reliable, efficient performance.
Quality Starts on the Inside


  • Long-life MaxAlloy™ aluminum coil provides lasting reliability
  • Handles demanding AC or heat pump duty
  • Select CM models are available with a factory-manufactured electronic expansion valve
  • Provides proper moisture removal with staggered tube rows
  • Delivers optimized efficiency when partnered with a matching Luxaire® furnace


Lower Cost Of Ownership

Through smart design and advanced alloy materials, the CM indoor coil can reduce total cost of ownership through long-lasting reliability.

Reliable Support

Our Certified Comfort Expert™ contractors make sure your CM indoor coil is installed and serviced correctly from day one.

Confidence Guaranteed

A 10-year Parts Limited Warranty ensures years of dependability with industry-leading quality.

Technical Specification

Comfort Technologies Low water retention drain pan Coil MaxAlloy™ coil
Fan Motor Variable-speed premium ECM fan motor Tonnage Range 1.5-5 Tons
Parts Warranty Code 10-year Parts Limited Warranty* Position Multi-position
Control Options Communicating or Conventional    
*All warranties require online registration within 90 days of installation. Otherwise, warranties revert as follows:
Lifetime Compressor Limited Warranty – 10-year Compressor Limited Warranty; Lifetime Heat Exchanger Limited Warranty – 20-year Heat Exchanger Limited Warranty; 10-year Parts Limited Warranty – 5-year Parts Limited Warranty; 10-year Compressor Limited Warranty – 5-year Compressor Limited Warranty
Three-phase models have 5-year Compressor and 1-year Parts Limited Warranties. Three-phase models do not qualify for the 10-year Parts Limited Warranty.