AVC High Efficiency Variable Speed Air Handler

High-performance temperature and humidity control.

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A Quiet and Efficient Air Handler for Almost Any Installation

Reduce energy costs with the high-efficiency Luxaire® AVC Air Handler. Its advanced, variable-speed ECM blower uses up to 80% less electricity than traditional technologies. Save even more energy with a fully insulated cabinet that meets strict requirements against leakage and air infiltration. The AVC also reduces allergens with both filter and indoor air quality options. Pair the AVC with a Luxaire® air conditioner or heat pump.
A Quiet and Efficient Air Handler for Almost Any Installation


  • Composite, low-water-retention drain pans reduce the possibility of mold or bacteria buildup
  • Standard multi-position provides everything needed for all installed positions – no additional kits required
  • Built-in filter rack accepts 1.0" disposable and cleanable air filters
  • Integrates with the Hx™3 Communicating Zoning System and compatible with the Hx™3 full-color, Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat for remote control and monitoring
  • Less than 2% air leakages at 1.0" esp. ensures only conditioned air moves through your home and unconditioned air isn't introduced into the system
  • MaxAlloy™ coil features advanced corrosion-resistant design for long life
*To receive the extended 10-year parts warranty or premium system warranty for qualifying units, you must register online at www.upgproductregistration.com. Registration must be completed within 90 days of installation or 90 days of the closing date for new home construction. Failure to register online within 90 days results in a standard 5-year parts warranty. Failure to return the registration card does not affect rights under the standard warranty.