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Do you want to save money, or spend money?

A replacement rooftop unit from Luxaire will cost less than keeping your existing unit running, especially if it’s more than 15 years old. A new packaged or split DX system can reduce overall building operation costs and help better manage capital expenses. You can minimize disruptions to building occupants caused by equipment failure. You’ll eliminate emergency repair costs. And save money on energy usage.

A new Featured Luxaire unit is a direct replacement for your old system.

We Make It Easy


No costly transition curbs or
re-pipping needed.

It's Time


Any unit 15 years or older is costing you money.

Save Money


Replace now instead of repairing later.

Save Energy


Get higher efficiency than any competitive unit

Featured Products

Core Unbranded

Optimum™ Core

Luxaire® Optimum™ Core is the go-to unit for 3-12.5 ton jobs. With competitive efficiency up to 17.2 SEER/13.2 EER/ 16.3 IEER, Core rooftop units have the commercial options available to meet customer needs in both new construction and retrofit applications. Fits most of the installed market, avoiding the need for costly transition curbs.

Choice Unbranded

Optimum™ Choice

The lightweight design of high-efficiency Optimum™ Choice rooftop units is up to 33% lighter than existing Luxaire® models (and up to 22% lighter than competing products), further streamlining specification by saving on building design requirements and eliminating the need for additional structural engineering analysis when used in replacement applications. In addition, the full range of Optimum™ Choice rooftop units have been designed to fit approximately 70% of the competitive installed base, minimizing the need for costly transition curbs.

Select Unbranded

Optimum™ Select

Optimum™ Select rooftop units offer an industry-leading choice of three distinct airflow options within the base product model: 2-stage with IntelliSpeed™ fan control, 4-stage variable air volume and 4-stage with IntelliSpeed™ fan control. Select rooftop units also share the same footprint as competitive units installed in the field, minimizing the need for costly, leak-prone and unattractive transition curbs.

Choose from our full portfolio of packaged and split DX systems from 3 – 50 tons for the perfect fit to your replacement needs. All units meet or exceed DOE 2023 part- load standards. And they are designed with easy-to-install and maintenance-friendly features, like toolless, hinged access panels and a slide-out blower.
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