Luxaire® Optimum™ Core Packaged Rooftop Units

Up to 3-12.5 Ton

Luxaire® Optimum™ Core Rooftop Units are your go-to product to economically meet building codes for first-cost-conscious customers.

  • A/C and heat pump units in downflow and horizontal airflow configuration
  • Standard-efficiency models (14.1 SEER/14.8 IEER)
  • High-efficiency models (15.4 SEER/16.3 IEER)
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The Go-to Option for New Construction or Retrofits

Luxaire® Optimum™ Core Rooftop Units save time, money and materials by fitting directly on preexisting, competitive curbs without the need for a transition. With two cabinet sizes that fit perfectly within many existing unit footprints, Luxaire® Optimum™ Core Rooftop HVAC Units simplify the transition process by avoiding material, labor and height restrictions that transition curb solutions typically encounter. Configurations with cooling, gas heating, and electric heat, or heat pumps provide even more options.
The Go-to Option for New Construction or Retrofits


  • Designed to match up directly with select competitor electrical, control and gas connections
  • Smart Equipment controls aid in reliability and ease of use
  • Low-leak economizers meet low leak requirements per ASHRAE 90.1-2010 and are controlled directly from Smart Equipment
  • Embossed top panels prevent sagging and excess vibration
  • Optional Everyday Thermostat Controller is a thermostat-based, non-communicating controllers that provide basic thermostat control.
  • Full line of factory options, such as economizers, power exhaust, smoke detectors, louvered hail guards, convenience outlets and disconnects
  • Optional field-installed head pressure/low ambient kits, propane conversion and alternate motors and drives
  • Meet or exceed ASHRAE Standard 90.1 – 2016
  • Advanced control features, such as auto-configuration, troubleshooting information and supply, return and outdoor air temperature sensors
  • Exclusive optional Continuous Reset Single Zone (CRSZ) control
  • Formed, heavy-duty base rails improve rigidity and transportability
  • Powder-coat paint meets 750-hour salt-spray requirements for a long-lasting paint finish
  • Full line of field-installed options, such as electric heat, economizers, manual OA dampers, power exhaust and high altitude conversion kits
  • Hail guards and hinged cabinet panel options available


Maximized Efficiency

Luxaire® Optimum™ Core Rooftop Units can significantly cut energy costs compared to older units and feature a scroll compressor for improved efficiency.

Confidence Guaranteed

Luxaire® Optimum™ Core Rooftop Units meet or exceed ASHRAE Standard 90.1.

Faster Installation

Packaged unit sits directly on select competitive curbs without a transition, saving material and labor costs.

American Quality

Designed, engineered and assembled in the United States at the Johnson Controls Rooftop Center for Excellence in Norman, OK.

Verasys Controls

Luxaire® Optimum™ Core Packaged Rooftop Units are Verasys enabled, making it easy to improve comfort, efficiency and operating costs. Verasys offers remote connectivity for secure access anytime, anywhere. BACnet®-based, it connects seamlessly to Smart Equipment throughout your facility via wireless compatibility.

Learn More About Verasys
Verasys controls showing the configuration and performance of a building's YORK packaged rooftop unit.

Smart Equipment

Luxaire® Optimum™ Core unit comes standard with next-generation Smart Equipment and can connect seamlessly to a controls system and can self-discover other Smart Equipment. On-board controls support cloud-based data analytics including fault detection to support proactive maintenance and minimize downtime.

Smart Equipment helps maximize control for greater efficiency, extended equipment life and reduced operating costs.

Mobile Access Portal (Map)

The optional MAP gateway with Wi-Fi® hotspot provides access to commissioning, configuration and maintenance logs using a smart device for fewer trips to the jobsite or roof to diagnose issues.

A Mobile Access Portal (MAP) gateway providing access to a YORK packaged rooftop unit via a smart device.

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