Replacing Multiple Competitors with Luxaire® Optimum™ Choice

Using the Luxaire® Optimum™ Choice for Direct Replacement of 15 to 27.5 Ton Commercial Rooftop Units


In the commercial rooftop world, we know one of the first questions you have to answer to layout a job is, “Is this job a replacement of existing equipment?” We also know that more often than not, the answer to this question is “YES”! One of the most important factors in the replacement market is understanding how the new equipment footprint will align with the existing roof curb and if a transition curb will be required. This is why the product footprint was at the forefront of the design considerations when planning the Luxaire Optimum Choice product line. With the Optimum Choice product platform, the Luxaire Light Commercial team has introduced a product line that can directly replace up to 65% of the products installed today.


Replacing Multiple Competitors with Optimum Choice

The unique footprint and design of the Optimum Choice platform allows for the direct replacement of both the Carrier Weather series product and the Trane Voyager 2 product, something that neither of the competitive products can achieve. When replacing Carrier products, the Optimum Choice product line can directly replace a selection of Weather Maker (standard efficiency) and Weather Master (high efficiency) products with an exact fit on the existing roof curb. When replacing Trane products, the Optimum Choice product line can directly replace the standard efficiency and high-efficiency Voyager 2 product series. The replacement of the Trane Voyager 2 products does not require a transition curb, but care has to be taken during the installation process to ensure proper seating of the Optimum Choice unit on the roof curb to align the supply and return air openings.



  Optimum Choice placed of a Trane Voyager 2 roof curb


Optimum™ Choice Replacement of Trane Voyager 2

When using the Optimum Choice product to directly replace Trane Voyager 2, the Optimum Choice unit will be slightly longer and wider than the existing roof curb. The actual dimensional difference varies depending on tonnage. When positioning the unit on the roof curb, the extra length and width will overhang on the unit’s right side (condenser end) and front (side with control access). Detailed installation instructions for proper placement of a unit in replacement are provided in the unit Installation and Operation Manual.


Optimum Choice Competitive Replacement Guide

A replacement guide has been created to help identify opportunities to use the Optimum Choice product in a direct replacement application. The guide lists all brands and model numbers that can be directly replaced and displays the corresponding Optimum Choice base model. For more information on the Optimum Choice product line, visit and navigate to the product page in the Offering Catalog tool. To download the competitive Optimum Choice Competitor Matchup, go to: