Luxaire® Optimum™ Choice Rooftops-New School Meets Old School

Optimum™ Choice Rooftop Spec Hooks


New School Meets Old School

The Luxaire® Optimum™ Choice rooftop product line meets the needs of replacement and new construction market better than any industry product. This offering allows for effective ways to replace existing units in the market fitting on legacy Trane and Carrier footprints in the 15-27.5 ton range. Additionally, it has enough benefits to hold an engineer’s spec against Voyager III standard and high-efficiency units, along with WeatherMaker, and WeatherMaster. Some of the key areas include efficiency, staging with compressors and airflow, weight, controls, and indoor air quality (IAQ).


Optimizing Performance AND Cost

The Optimum™ Choice product is the perfect balance between price and efficiency. You can make it extremely easy on your engineer, contractor, and owner customers by taking advantage of and specifying the unit’s high part-load efficiency and beating the competition with a standard efficiency price. The product surpasses the Department of Energy 2018 guidelines by up to 25% and exceeds the DOE 2023 part-load standards by almost 10%.  It has up to 23% greater part-load efficiency than comparable standard units and nearly 15% higher IEER competitive high-efficiency units. These efficiencies keep costs down while maximizing rebates and the points on a green building project like LEED.


Perfect Refrigeration and Airflow Staging Combination

Optimum™ Choice rooftops reach amazingly high efficiencies without the complexity or cost of variable speed compressors. Carrier and Trane have a maximum of three stages before going to variable speed (Trane 25 ton is the only exception). For optimal efficiency, we recommend:

·       Specifying four cooling stages for great turndown and two independent circuits for redundancy

·       Adding our patented CRSZ Control in constant volume units or true VAV for an additional kicker to modulate airflow

·       Adding lower modulating gas heat to give occupants the ultimate comfort in summer or winter


Oh Weight, There’s More!

Our Optimum™ Choice product is 33% lighter than the YORK predecessor models and 22% lighter than comparable competing products. Be sure to leverage this weight advantage!


Maximum Range of Factory Installed Options and Accessories Including IAQ

It is essential to have a full range of factory and field-installed options, but especially during a time when indoor air quality is a top priority. You can put the customer’s mind at ease with options specific to keeping occupants safe while meeting all of the latest codes and standards. In your spec, be sure to include:

·       Our standard low leakage/Title 24 ready economizers

·       Demand control ventilation by simply adding a CO2 sensor

·       Double-wall, 99% effective UV lights (others are only 46% effective)

·       Convertible filter racks that accept various two-inch and four-inch high MERV filters


These specs are factory-installed, with support from our in-house modification center. Pair these options with unitized ERVs. These ERVs are engineered for each specific unit and ready to be bolted-on in the field for recovering energy from exhaust and possible unit downsizing opportunities.


The Brains

Our Smart Equipment control’s versatility makes it difficult for our competition to match. Competitors have to change or add boards, which is not cheap, or resort to a different unit to meet our capabilities.  Our controls feature:

·       Built-in USB (for easy back-up, updating, and logging data)

·       LCD with simple language delivery

·       On-board menu navigation capabilities

·       WiFi-capable communication with the board via any smart device

If you need to include BAS integration, it is seamless with Johnson Controls BAS (Verasys and N2) and other BAS protocols, including BACnet and Modbus. 


And Brawn – Manufactured and Tested for Reliability

All Optimum™ Choice units are tested for the specified designed and selected configuration before they leave the factory. Rigorous life-cycle testing on critical components, paired with the five-year compressor and 15-year heat exchanger warranty, demonstrate our commitment to our design, reliability, and durability.


Humidity Control

Controlling the humidity is critical in deterring virus transmission and spread. A range of 40-60% relative humidity is ideal. The three items that address dehumidification are: 

·       Hot gas reheat dehumidifies while keeping individuals comfortable in the space. You have the option to order modulating hot gas reheat with Optimum™ Choice rooftop units to improve the occupants’ environment. 

·       Deeper coils, such as four to six row coils with longer fins, allow moisture to be swept away. This gives moisture droplets more time to reach maximum size, which causes them to shed from the coil.  All Optimum™ Choice units have three or four row coils. Trane and Carrier only offer this with their high-efficiency units. 

·       IntelliSpeed and Single Zone VAV allow for staging of the fan in conjunction with cooling stages, which provides natural dehumidification. 


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