RTU Labor Warranties | February 2021

Free YORK® Sun™ Premier RTU Labor Warranties

A labor warranty can provide peace of mind for the owner, installing contractor, or local sales office. Sun Premier packaged rooftop units can be protected with a free six-month or one-year labor warranty when started up by a Gold or Platinum-certified Technician. A free one-year labor warranty can provide upwards of a 4% savings, delivering a competitive edge for bidding on mid-market projects requiring labor warranties.

Platinum Certification

Work with your local service technician, or trusted contractor to get them qualified as a Platinum-certified technician. Technicians can attain platinum status by completing the in-class Sun Premier training course along with the Commercial Startup course held at the Ducted Systems Center of Excellence in Oklahoma City. A startup by a Platinum-certified technician earns a one-year labor warranty on any Sun Premier unit.

Gold Certification

If the technician is unable to attend the in-class training, they can enroll in the online training to achieve Gold certification. The online training is available through Navigator > Ducted Systems Training Site > Content library > search for “Premier Startup - RTU Toolkit App.” A startup by a Gold-certified technician earns a six months labor warranty on any Sun Premier unit.

Once certified, the technician can employ the RTUToolkit mobile application to work through the startup and submit the startup form. Unit warranty registration must be completed outside of the RTUToolkit.