is everything.

The expanded LX Series

Uncompromising quality and precision require time. That’s why we’ve invested more than 250,000 hours of research, design and real-world testing to bring you the expanded line of Luxaire® LX Series Residential Systems. Setting the standard with units featuring higher SEER ratings and select models that include advanced, inverter-driven modulating technology, every component of our LX Series has been analyzed and perfected to perform. Time and time again.

  • ENERGY STAR® qualified 16 SEER models can reduce energy costs as much as 38% compared to older, 10 SEER units.
  • Two-stage compressor and two-stage gas heating provide consistent comfort while reducing energy consumption (electric heat above 10 kW also has staging capability).
  • Advanced control options include Residential Communicating Control and Wi-Fi®-enabled touch-screen for energy-saving precision and greater convenience.
  • Simplified installation with single- and dual-source power options, 1-inch or 2-inch filter kits, curb transition accessories and easy field conversion for horizontal supply or down-flow supply airflow.
  • Removable front, top and side panels provide separate access for refrigeration and heat compartments to reduce installation and service time.
  • Long-lasting performance ensured by extreme weather testing (temps from 125°F down to -10°F) and more than 250,000 hours of research, design and development.
  • Enhanced efficiency with new 17 SEER cooling models that can save up to 41 cents per dollar versus older, 10 SEER models, and that may also qualify for a utility rebate.
  • Modulating technology on 16 SEER heat pumps that offer quieter operation, improved efficiency and more consistent comfort.
  • Advanced MicroChannel coils for more cooling in a smaller footprint and models featuring reliable tube-in-fin evaporator coils with long-lasting copper tubing are available.
  • Long-lasting, powder-coat paint maintains durable corrosion and mar resistant automotive-quality finish that looks great for years.
  • Compact cabinet depth of just 20.5 inches eases installation and also includes a patented, integral rack for standard 1-inch filters.
  • High-efficiency blower uses an ECM multi-speed motor to circulate air effectively and quietly for improved comfort.
  • Precision cabinet construction meets strict requirements against air infiltration to save energy.
  • Advanced single-piece or modular units provide a perfect match for the system to ensure quiet, efficient operation.
  • Efficient heat transfer with MaxAlloy™ aluminum coils in most models to deliver lasting performance, efficiency and reliability.
  • Hygienic base pan design featuring a low-retention, positive-slope design removes coil condensate to ensure healthy indoor air.
  • Long-lasting, powder-coat paint maintains durable corrosion and mar resistant automotive-quality finish that looks great for years.
  • Luxaire® touch-screen thermostat with proprietary* hexagon interface features an easy-to-use, 2.8-inch capacitive touch-screen.
  • Smartphone-based, Wi-Fi®-capable remote control via Thermostat 280 app provides complete control at home or away.
  • Compatible with both conventional and communicating home comfort systems, including Luxaire® LX Series Split Systems.
  • Easy setup and over-the-air updates ensure efficient, reliable operation with the latest updates received automatically.


A system for every home.

In today’s highly competitive and value-driven marketplace, time waits for no one. That’s why Luxaire® LX Series Residential Systems are designed, engineered and assembled in the United States, so they are even easier to sell, set up and service. With higher-efficiency, price-competitive products, improved serviceability and standard-setting quality, there’s never been a better time to maximize your opportunities.