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Air Handlers
Commercial Products Tonnage Capacities
1½ - 5 Tons


Other parts - 10-Year Limited*

Air Handlers (FFP / FFV)
Luxaire offers top quality, high-efficient air handlers for use in virtually any indoor application, and are available for installation in practically any authorized location. Models include: • Single Piece (FRC, FRP, FFC, FFP) and Variable Speed (FFV). Select models available with Factory Installed Thermal Expansion Valves.

Special Benefits
  • Compact units fit easily into crawl spaces and attic access openings.
  • Cooling-only models or heat pump models can be used for heat pump or cooling applications.
  • Single piece cabinet has few panels and seams to reduce potential sweating in humid environments.
  • Positive-slope drain pan produces a completely drained condensate pan after each air conditioning cycle.
  • Encapsulated, not compressed, insulation gives complete R-value protection.
  • Built-in filter rack offers easy access.
  • Average 395 CFM per ton at 0.5 ESP.
  • All models easily converted to right or left horizontal applications with a factory- or field-installed horizontal drain pan.
  • Electric heaters, from 2.5 to 25 kW, are available with or without circuit breakers.
  • F3RP, F3FP & F3FV models come with factory installed TXV's.

*Must be installed on or after May 1st, 2009, and registered online within 90 days of installation. Otherwise, the warranty reverts to the standard warranty as published in the product warranty certificate.

Publications and Manuals
DescriptionPart NumberFile Size
Consumer Brochures
Consumer Brochure - FFP/FFV Climasure™ Series Single Piece Air Handlers PUBL-6263-B-0310 1638 KB PDF
Tech Guides
Technical Guide - F*FP/F*FV Single Piece Air Handlers 295422-BTG-C-0608 162 KB PDF
Technical Guide - F6FP018** thru 060** Single Piece Air Handlers 432328-UTG-B-0409 233 KB PDF
Installation Instructions
Installation Manual - F2FV060, F3FV060(T) Variable Speed Air Handlers 246121-UIM-B-1204 250 KB PDF
Installation Manual - F4FP/F5FP Single Piece Air Handlers 404912-UIM-D-1211 823 KB PDF
Installation Manual - F6FP018** - 060** Single Piece Air Handlers 430597-UIM-D-1211 784 KB PDF
Installation Manual - FFV Variable Speed Single Piece Air Handlers 404913-UIM-B-0209 283 KB PDF
Installation Manual - Supplemental - Climate Control & CFM Selection for Variable Speed Air Handlers 128002-UMM-B-0405 35 KB PDF
Accessory Installation Instructions
Installation Accessory - 1BH0601 Suspension Kit 035-13161-000-A-1297 38 KB PDF
Installation Accessory - 1TV07** Series and 1TV09** Series Thermal Expansion Valve Kits 128438-UAI-B-0805 60 KB PDF
Installation Accessory - 2HK*65 Electric Heater Accessory 035-14502-001-B-1208 100 KB PDF
Installation Accessory - 373-25865-000 ECM Motor Analyzer Kit 035-18865-000-B-0405 598 KB PDF
Installation Accessory - ECM Motor Analyzer Interface Application for use with 031-09118-000 CFM Board 035-20257-000-A-0405 143 KB PDF
Installation Accessory - S1-TVM2**, 4**, 7**, & 9** Thermal Expansion Valve Kits 166806-UAI-I-0413 243 KB PDF
Installation Accessory - Thermal Expansion Valve Kits Conversions 174119-UAI-C-0408 70 KB PDF
Submittal Drawings
Submittal Data Sheet - F*FP/F*FV Split-System Fan Coil Single Piece Air Handler 295424-BSD-A-0507 61 KB PDF
Submittal Data Sheet - F6FP018** thru 060** Single Piece Air Handlers 432330-USD-A-0109 88 KB PDF
Submittal Data Sheet - Single Piece Air Handler F2RP / F2FP / F3RP / F3FP / F2RC / F2FC / F2FV / F3FV 036-22334-001-A-0902 111 KB PDF
Repair Parts
Repair Parts - F2FC Series Fan Coil Unit "Style G" 035-20339-001-B-0806 96 KB PDF
Repair Parts - F2FP & F2RP Fan Coil w/Factory Installed Heat Kit 035-17710-001-A-0903 106 KB PDF
Repair Parts - F2FP (G), F3FP (TG) Fan Coil Unit 035-20107-001-B-0806 118 KB PDF
Repair Parts - F2FV (A & B), F3FV (TA) Variable Speed Fan Coil Unit 035-17731-002-B-0504 217 KB PDF
Repair Parts - F2RC Series Fan Coil Unit "Style G" 035-20105-001-B-0806 97 KB PDF
Repair Parts - F2RP (G) F3RP (TG) Series Fan Coil Unit 035-20104-001-B-0806 110 KB PDF
Repair Parts - F2V (G), F3FV(TG) Variable Speed Fan Coil Unit 035-20341-001-A-0404 217 KB PDF
Repair Parts - F4FP Fan Coil Unit w/TXV "Style A" 035-21132-001-C-0507 105 KB PDF
Repair Parts - F4FP Series Air Handlers Fan Coil Unit with Flex Coil "Style H" 035-22231-001-D-1210 96 KB PDF
Repair Parts - F4FP Series Fan Coil TXV Air Handlers "Style H" 035-22228-001-A-1208 48 KB PDF
Repair Parts - F4FP Series Single Piece Air Handlers "Style A" - Fan Coil Unit w/ Flex Coil 035-22078-001-B-1108 45 KB PDF
Repair Parts - F4FV Series Variable Speed Fan Coil Air Handlers "Style H" 035-22232-001-D-1210 101 KB PDF
Repair Parts - F4FV Variable Speed Fan Coil Unit "Style A" 035-21156-001-C-0508 52 KB PDF
Repair Parts - F5FP Series Single Piece Air Handlers "Style A" - TXV & Flex Coil Models 035-21359-001-C-1108 41 KB PDF
Repair Parts - F5FP Series TXV & Flex Coil Air Handlers "Style H" 035-22229-001-C-1210 90 KB PDF
Repair Parts - F6FP Series Fan Coil Air Handlers w/ Flex Coil "Style H" 035-22211-001-D-0809 227 KB PDF
Repair Parts - FFP 018-060 Mbh Fan Coil Unit Style B 035-16493-002-A-0902 112 KB PDF
Repair Parts - FRC 024-036 Mbh Fan Coil Unit Style B 035-16491-001-D-0303 37 KB PDF
User Manuals
User Manual - Residential Air Handlers 1060254-UUM-A-0713 83 KB PDF
Warranty Information
Warranty - Residential/Commercial Equipment Warranty 11481-URC-L-0409 37 KB PDF

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